1. Website is open for 4th Phase applications from 28-09-2017 to 02-10-2017 upto 5.00PM .
  2. Candidates who did not get seat previously or who desire to get better seat shall submit fresh application online in 4th Phase with new mobile number (User Name)
  3. If already admitted candidate submits Fresh Application in 4th Phase and if gets a fresh seat as per his option, he will immediately lose the present seat. So the ALREADY ADMITTED CANDIDATES SHALL BE VERY CAREFUL IN SUBMITTING FRESH APPLICATION & OPTIONS.
  4. Old applications with registration numbers starting with 1710......., 1720....... and 1730......... are not valid in 4th Phase. Registration numbers starting with 1740....... only are acceptable in 4th Phase.
  5. Candidates are advised to exercise options carefully WHERE THEY REALLY WANT TO JOIN.